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From Jeff Bischoff <>
Subject Re: [Resolved]Re: Facelets Taglibs [WAS Re: Error by using <t:updateActionListener/>]
Date Thu, 08 Feb 2007 22:33:06 GMT
Mike Kienenberger wrote:
> On 2/8/07, Jeff Bischoff <> wrote:
>> Mike, I tried your setup and it worked. This puzzled me because I know
>> that I (and probably you too) actually have the custom selectItems class
>> in the sandbox.jar. So why would it work as t:selectItems and not
>> s:selectItems? The answer was that my sandbox taglib was failing to
>> parse.
> Jeff, this might be another answer to your earlier question.   Since
> there's nothing stopping us from having both a t:selectItems and a
> sandbox:selectItems, the wiki pages may as well have both if there's a
> difference between the trunk and the release.   After a release with a
> promotion, the sandbox copy can be deleted.

I disagree Mike, in terms of the wiki page. This works fine for both of 
us because we have both a tomahawk.jar and a sandbox.jar, and the Class 
in question is clearly going to be in one of those jars. (and thus in 
the classpath)

But for people who *only* use Tomahawk, adding an extra entry for 
t:selectItems before it gets promoted would cause their entire tomahawk 
taglib not to load. They would get the same ClassNotFound exception that 
I got from  having taglib entries for sandbox components that weren't in 
my jar - only in this case it would be tomahawk components not yet in 
the tomahawk.jar.

Therefore, I don't think I should add such entries to the tomahawk 
taglib wiki prematurely. The idea is to make it as easy as possible for 
people new to the project who use official releases and may not have 
sandbox.jar in their classpath.

When the next Tomahawk is realised, I've made a note to check the taglib 
on the wiki and make any revisions necessary.

Thanks again for all your help discussing this with me.


Jeff Bischoff
Kenneth L Kurz & Associates, Inc.

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