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From Renzo Tomaselli <>
Subject [Myfaces] how to sync t:saveState with refreshed restore_view phase
Date Mon, 05 Feb 2007 18:03:32 GMT
Hi, I'm using t:saveState to persist a component/bean name pair across 
requests. Component inclusion occurs dynamically - according to the 
selected tab of a tabbed panel - by means of Facelets ui:include.
Troubles occur while hitting the browser refresh button, since the 
restored view is older than what saveState contents state. While this 
refresh issue is a well known effect of JSF - I wonder about any way to 
invalidate/sync saveState contents. In case of dynamic inclusion, this 
mismatch leads to component/bean misalignement, since the restored view 
pretends to hold a component possibly different than restored state.
I could even redirect a detected refresh to a stable page, but 
unfortunately view restoring occurs at the very beginning of the life-cycle.
Or even better - I might force the view to be rebuilt from scratch - but 
I don't know how.
Thanks for any help -- Renzo

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