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From "Michael Litherland" <>
Subject Request scoped dataTables
Date Tue, 13 Feb 2007 00:05:07 GMT
Hi all,

I'm doing some pondering about bean scope and in particular if dataTable is
working the way it's intended.  I've tried both the myfaces and tomahawk
dataTable entities and if they're filled with a request scoped bean wielding
a DataModel putting a commandLink or button in the table to provide a
detailed view of a row just causes a page reload rather than going to the
action I specify.  From a considerable amount of google it seems this is a
feature of JSF, but I find that hard to believe, even if the RI is doing it
too.  I've also tried playing with binding and doing downright evil stuff in
my faces-config.

So first off I apologize if this is a well trodden path in faces
discussions.  If you don't mind, how do others deal with this?  I can't see
making all the backing beans session scoped (though it works), and tobago's
pageFlow stuff doesn't seem practical now (and I don't even know if it would

Thanks much,

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