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From "Boeckli, Dominique" <>
Subject Pictures in JScookMenu
Date Tue, 02 Jan 2007 13:07:55 GMT
Hi folks,

This problem was reported several times in this forum and often it was
said it was solved or it just disappeared.

The pictures in the menu are not loaded. Same behaviour in IE and
Firefox, but in Firefox it is less visible because the
missing pictures is replaced by a tiny transparent not found-image and
not by the ugly IE-not-found-images.

So why the problem disapears? It disappears when the page is reloaded.
>From now all pictures are there. The problem
can be reproduced when the browser cache is cleared (first go to another
website). In IE you have to clear the files
Manually because the IE-clear-cache-function doesn't remove everything.

This problem can be reproduced with the irian-example:

Thanks four your attention


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