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From Ingmar Lötzsch <>
Subject Re: jscookmenu
Date Wed, 31 Jan 2007 08:48:19 GMT
I'am using JSCookMenu of Tomahawk 1.1.3 in a Studio Creator 2.1 project
with Sun RI 1.1_01. I have to add <input type="hidden"
name="jscook_action" /> to JSP too.

Another bug is maybe in the Renderer. When I use both action methods and
 action listeners in the same menu and click on a action link, the
action listeners from the previous request were called. Maybe this is
influenced by the fact, that the menu is part of a page fragment.

My workaround is
- not to use action methods
- always set the action attribute to a non null value
- always set the value unequal to null

I don't know if this is a known feature. If you are interested in a test
case I would create a minimal project. It's some work because I'am using
a database in the project (the menu is dynamically created dependent on
the permissions of the user) and must create a new project. That's why I
can complete this still in a few days and you have to wait.

Paul Spencer schrieb:
> Pierre,
> I am not sure I understand you answer.
> Are you saying the HTML generated by <t:jscookMenu> is
> missing <input type="hidden" name="jscook_action" />?
> Can you open an issue and submit a patch.
> Paul Spencer
> Pierre Raoul wrote:
>> Paul,
>>> I asked a similar question [1].  I suspect their is a bug because the
>>> action is not called when the menu item is clicked.  I do not think
>>> you want the action called when the menu item is generated, which
>>> would occur when the EL is evaluated.
>> Thank you for your reply.
>> I found the answer: a tag
>>        <input type="hidden" name="jscook_action" />
>> is needed before the jscookmenu one. I still have some issues with the
>> menu styles, but it works.
>> Pierre

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