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From Pankaj Gupta>
Subject Ajax4JSF vs Sandbox PPR
Date Mon, 15 Jan 2007 16:41:01 GMT

We will be adding ajax to our existing JSF application that uses 
myfaces, tomahawk and facelets. The ajax4jsf framework looks very 
appealing since we can use it to ajaxify our existing components without 
a lot of code refactoring. And it seems to work fine with myfaces and 

But the PPR functionality in sandbox also looks very similar to A4J, at 
least on the surface. Since its part of the myfaces project, it might be 
a better fit for us. But apart from the online demo at the Irian site 
and some old mail threads there is very little documentation on this 
feature. It will be very useful if someone could summarize the uage of 
this feature and how it comapres with A4J. A few lines on the relative 
merits and demerits of the two frameworks and when to use one vs the 
other will really help us make an informed decision.


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