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From Jeff Bischoff <>
Subject Re: Question about multiple row selects h:dataTable
Date Fri, 12 Jan 2007 16:23:16 GMT

What I do is wrap the domain object in a web-tier object. The web-tier 
object has two properties: the domain object and a "selected" boolean 
property. Then I have a column in my dataTable like so:

    <f:facet name="header"><h:outputText value="Selected"/></f:facet>
    <t:selectBooleanCheckbox value="#{data.selected}"/>

When I need to do processing, I grab the list of web-tier objects and 
check to see which ones are selected.


Jeff Bischoff
Kenneth L Kurz & Associates, Inc.

Trent Rosenbaum wrote:
> Hi there,
> When interacting with the DataTable component I have to define a
> boolean field on the domain object that represents a row in the table
> to allow multiple checkbox selection.  Is this to right way to proceed
> with this development?
> I could for example have a domain object called 'Student' that has
> been delivered to me by others in an organisation.  I do no control
> the development of this object, but to interact with it through a
> multiple select table I have to define a UI only used field on the
> above object.  If on the other hand I settled for single radio button
> selects on the table then I could use the getter methods on the UI
> component to identify which object the user is interacting with.
> I am new to JSF but to me this seems like a cross over of layers.  To
> me the domain object should not have to define this field.  I was
> looking at the example under the trinidad/ADF project and there seems
> to be a table component that would allow me to gain a list of the rows
> that were checked.
> Is there anything I have over looked within the core myfaces API
> project and/or tomahawk projects?  How do other navigate through this
> issue?  Do people end up creating wrappers for the data and then
> display them within the DataTable instance?
> Many thanks
> Trent

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