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From support <>
Subject <t:saveState> problems (not working / have tried everything)
Date Fri, 12 Jan 2007 02:44:06 GMT
How would I know if my <t:saveState> is working or not (by looking at 
physical files)?

I set STATE_SAVING_METHOD to "client" in my web.xml and supposed I would 
see something in the source html file.  My saveState looked like this:
    <t:saveState id="idSaveObject" value="${object}"

I searched in the html source (in browser) looking for "idSaveObject" 
and saw nothing.  If SAVE_STATE_METHOD is "client" where (what file) can 
I verify that saveState is working?

I then set SAVE_STATE_METHOD to "server" and made my BB implement 
serializable and searched under the <TOMCAT_ROOT>/work/ directory for 
*.ser and looked at each file but saw nothing.  I supposed that 
SAVE_STATE_METHOD "sever" means that it serialized the BB, but saw 
nothing that indicated the BB had been serialized.  Am I looking in the 
right place for Tomcat.

How do I tell for sure if <t:saveState> is working and what could be the 



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