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From "Gerald Müllan" <>
Subject Re: Input Suggest (AJAX) question
Date Tue, 23 Jan 2007 12:31:35 GMT

ad 1.)
this is crrently not possible, but if you are able to wait for a few
days i would implement the possibility of a js function call after
displaying the pop-up with the suggested items. This is an opened jira
issue, so no additional work at all.

ad 2.)
There are two possibilities in order to achieve a reduced list.
Programmatically you can check for the size of the list in the
suggestedItemsMethod and if the list is too huge, you can only return
a sublist.
Other possibility is to use the "maxSuggestedItems"-attribute, which
in turn cuts the list down if there are more items then the given



On 1/23/07, Sorin Silaghi <> wrote:
> Hello..
>    I have 2 questions actually about input suggest:
>        1. Can I make 2 input suggest boxes so that the second one is
> filtered depending on the selection from the first one ? (without submitting
> the form). Like if I have in the first box "male" and "female" and in the
> second one a list of people.. I want if I select male in the first box to
> have only males in the second list to select from...
>        2. This is just to make sure ... If I have a list with let's say 500
> items... dose all of this list load on the client or just what you can see
> in the browser.. I am concerned about big trafic on a low bandwith
> connection.
> thank you for your time.
>                                          Sorin


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