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From "H. Swaczinna" <>
Subject RE: Re: [Tobago] immediate has no effect on tabGroup
Date Thu, 25 Jan 2007 22:39:25 GMT
Hello Bernd,

here comes a simple example:

  <tc:page label="Test" width="200px" height="100px">
    <f:facet name="layout">
      <tc:gridLayout cellspacing="0" 
    <tc:date id="dateField" value="#{headController.geplSendedatum}"/>
    <tc:button label="No validation" immediate="true"/>
    <tc:tabGroup switchType="reloadTab">
      <tc:tab id="tab1" label="Tab1"> 
        <tc:button label="With validation" immediate="false"/>
      <tc:tab id="tab2" label="Tab2"> 
        <tc:button label="Should be without validation" immediate="true"/>

If you enter an invalid date in the date field, it is not validated
when you click the first button. It is validated, when you click the
button on the first tab. So far, everything is ok. But when you click
the button on the second tab, validation is also executed, but it  should
not be.


>Hello Helmut,
>I can't reproduce your problem. Can you send an example page, please.
>H. Swaczinna wrote:
>> Hello,
>> the immediate="true" attribute of tc:link or tc:button has no effect,
>> when the link or button is on a tab in a tabGroup. Clicking the link
>> or button validates the fields on the page. Is the link or button
>> outside the tabGroup it does not. The tabGroup has switchType realodTab.
>> Regards
>> Helmut

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