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From "Clemens Sietas" <>
Subject Re: [Tobago] valueChangeListener not called
Date Wed, 17 Jan 2007 12:53:54 GMT
Hello Bernd,

thank you for adding example code to the gendoc pages.

I got no error messages anymore.
The converter is configured in the faces-config.xml.

However, the valueChangeListener is still not invoked.
(No log entry in my logfile).

I can already detect the change from one option to the other
option by reading the value of the binding.
However, I still like to know why the Listner is not
invoked. It is the only Listener I have so far.
Is it possible that something else prevents the listener
from being invoked. Some wrong tag definition (view, subvie, panel,...)
on the page. I took the tags more or less from the Tobago blank project.

The converter (you mentioned - you need no converter anymore):

When I switch the Options from 1 to 2
I get the following logging:

17.01.2007 12:43:11 getAsObject 2
17.01.2007 12:43:11 getAsString 1
17.01.2007 12:43:11 getAsString 2

The process has oviously invoked the converter.
I am bothering why getAsString is also called, because
I like to get an Integer.

The message tag seems to make no difference (no additional info). 

<tc:selectOneChoice value="#{myBean.userOption}"
                    id="userGroupChoice" converter="integerConverterId">
  <f:selectItems value="#{myBean.userOptionItems}" id="userChoiceItems"/>
  <f:facet name="change">
    <tc:command />
Do you have any further suggestions?

Thank you in advance.

Clemens Sietas

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