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From "H. Swaczinna" <>
Subject RE: Re: [Tobago] Fileupload doesn't work in popup
Date Wed, 24 Jan 2007 14:02:35 GMT
Hi Volker!

>The enctype="multipart/form-data" is missing on html form tag if the
>fileInput was not on the initally page.

No, that's ok. The enctype="multipart/form-data" is not missing.
The fileupload works for example on a tab, which is loaded by Ajax.

>Please use a nonAjax popup in the meantime.

Hm, I thought nonAjax popups aren't supportet any more?

>Another issue with your code: I don't think that it is possible to
>upload a file by ajax, you should remove the renderedPartially
>attribute from the save button.

Ok, this works. Even with an Ajax popup. The renderedPartially on the
save button is the problem. But it would be nice, if file upload
will work with renderedPartially. Without, the whole page is submitted,
not only the file upload.

>The renderedPartially attribute on a button with popupClose=immediate
>has no effect.



>2007/1/24, H. Swaczinna <>:
>> Hello,
>> I want want to do a fileupload in a popup. But I get this error message:
>> 2007-01-24 12:01:27 http-8080-Processor25 ERROR - 
>90 - Can't process multipart/form-data without TobagoRequest. Please check the 
>web.xml and define a TobagoMultipartFormdataFilter. See documentation for 
>> The fileupload works, when it is on the page.
>> This is the popup:
>>         <tc:button id="anlagenInsertButton"
>>           image="image/insert.gif">
>>           <tc:attribute name="renderedPartially" value="uploadPopup"/>
>>           <f:facet name="popup">
>>             <tc:popup id="uploadPopup" width="600" height="200">
>>               <tc:box label="Neue Anlage">
>>                 <f:facet name="layout">
>>                   <tc:gridLayout rows="*;fixed" columns="*;*;*"/>
>>                 </f:facet>
>>                 <tc:cell spanX="3">
>>                   <tc:file id="dateiname"
>>                     value="#{anlagenController.file}"/>
>>                 </tc:cell>
>>                 <tc:cell/>
>>                 <tc:button id="saveButton"
>>                   label="#{mainBundle.button_label_save}">
>>                   <tc:attribute name="popupClose" value="afterSubmit"/>
>>                   <tc:attribute name="renderedPartially" 
>>                 </tc:button>
>>                 <tc:button id="cancelButton"
>>                   label="#{mainBundle.button_label_cancel}">
>>                   <tc:attribute name="popupClose" value="immediate"/>
>>                   <tc:attribute name="renderedPartially" 
>>                 </tc:button>
>>               </tc:box>
>>             </tc:popup>
>>           </f:facet>
>>         </tc:button>
>> Regards
>> Helmut

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