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From Sebastian Menge <>
Subject howto customize Tree2 rendering
Date Thu, 04 Jan 2007 15:49:41 GMT
Hi all and a Happy New Year!

Each row of a Tree2 results in a html-table. I want to set the table
widht of each row to 100%. 

Any way to do that? The attribute "styleClass" gives a <span>, but the
table width stays.

Thanks, Sebastian.

PS: Background Info
In fact I want a treetable with two columns: outputText and
selectOneMenu. We tried the treetable components but didnt get it to

As a workaround, i want to put a panelGrid with two columns in each node
of the tree. Then (if all nodes have the same width), i can configure
these columns.

<f:facet name="foo-folder">
	<h:panelGroup styleClass="wont work">
		<f:facet name="expand">
			<t:graphicImage ...
		<f:facet name="collapse">
			<t:graphicImage ...
                <h:panelGrid columns="2" columnClasses="left,right"
			<h:outputText value="#{entry.description}" styleClass="nodeFolder"/>
			<h:selectOneMenu value="#{entry.nodeData.weight}">
				<f:selectItems value="#{translator.selectableWeightEnums}" />

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