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From "Andrew Robinson" <>
Subject Re: How to detect selections made in Tree2 or PanelNavigation2
Date Wed, 06 Dec 2006 17:20:00 GMT
Disclaimer: Typing from memory -- may have bugs

  <f:facet name="node">
    <t:commandLink action="#{myBean.nodeClicked}"
        value="#{_node.identifier}" />

On 12/6/06, Treu Valentin <> wrote:
> Hi there,
> i'm quite new to MyFaces and Tomahawk and therefore having the following
> question:
> Is it possible to detect for a t:Tree2 or t:PanelNavigation2 component which
> element (i.e. leaf node) has been clicked ?
> Since i have to build a dynamic menu structure that can always change every
> leaf node has to get a
> unique id with that i can react on the server. Also there should only be one
> action method called
> on the server which does invoke all further steps.
> Until now i've only found examples that just open a new window or redirect
> to a new jsp page when clicking on a
> leaf node, but never one that tracks which leaf node has been selected,
> followed by specific actions.
> I hope someone can tell me if that's possible and how i can achieve this.
> Thanks & regards
> Valentin Treu

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