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From "Worm, Danny" <>
Subject AW: Re: AW: Source of the sandbox examples
Date Thu, 21 Dec 2006 18:30:58 GMT
I have to append.

The JS errors result of an incorrect dom model in firefox. All children's of <s:modalDialog>
weren't in the document model. The firefox dom inspector couldn´t find these tree-nodes.
Is this an bug of firefox regarding xhtml,dom?

Ok I´m perplexed.

> Hi,
> yes your right, I delete the focus() line. Now I try to find a solution for that problem.

> This is my last state. This lines works in IE, but not in Firefox.
> Problem: no Dialog appear in Firefox (just opacity)
>       <script>
>         var callMe = function() {
>           alert(dojoDialog.showModalDialog);
>           dojoDialog.showModalDialog();
>         }
>       </script>
>       <div id="content">
>         <s:modalDialog
>           dialogId="dialogId"
>           dialogVar="dojoDialog"
> 	      dialogAttr="bgColor='white' bgOpacity='0.5' toggle='fade' toggleDuration='20'"
>      	  hiderIds="cancel_id"
> 	      styleClass="dojoDialog">
>           <h:outputLink id="cancel_id" value="#" >CloseDialog</h:outputLink>
>      	</s:modalDialog>
>         <h:outputLink onclick="javascript:callMe();" value="#">
>           hello
>         </h:outputLink>
>       </div>
> Thanks for your help, perhaps I´ll be back with a solution :)
Ok I had my hands on the dialog as well,
first of all in all the examples I never could see
a reference to the styleclass you use, try to set the style class
according to the sandbox examples (with an explicit style def somewhere)
and check if ht changes anything.
Second, get the dialog out of any form if it is embedded, this is
inherently problematic due to ie bugs, if neeeded embed a form in the

Third if nothing of this works out. please post the generated html code
and the entire jsf markup, if possible,

to let me check the problem on the lowest possible levels.
I am not aware of any showstoppers but you might have run into one.



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