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From "Bharath Belagodu" <>
Subject panelNavigation2 collapses on a new page
Date Fri, 15 Dec 2006 13:58:02 GMT
In trying to get panelNavigation2 as a menu option, I'm facing this
issue of not able to retain the component's active/selected view when
opening a link from the menu onto a new page. I'm using facelets,
tomahawk 1.1.3 and myfaces. 


If the menu looks like,


Menu 1

  First link

  Second link

Menu 2

  Third link

   Fourth link



If I click on any of the links above and the menu is displayed on the
same page, the active/selected item 'First Link' stays. If I right click
on the browser on 'Second Link' and chose 'Open link in new window',
then the information/action associated with the 'Second Link' executes,
the page is displayed but the menu is collapsed and the menu state isn't


I'm also trying to bind the panelNavigation2 component to a
'HtmlPanelNavigationMenu' in my backing bean but it doesn't seem to
work. I'll investigate further but wanted to send this email out to the
group, just in case someone has already been through this path. Thanks.


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