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From Veit Guna <>
Subject Re: a4j:inlcude and t:popup
Date Sat, 30 Dec 2006 19:53:24 GMT

I've got nearly the same problem with JS and StreamingAddResource. I
switched from the ExtensionFilter to StreamingAddResource because the
filter complained about non-html content in an ajax-request. BTW: does
anyone know, if the "old" ExtensionFilter filter-mapping etc. can be
removed? Or is the StreamingAddResource just an "addon" to the mappings?
I guess it must be an addon because removing it, broke the t: components.

However, now I use an ajax-enabled tabbedPane that renders the tabs
on-demand. On each tab I have a t:popup component. If the page gets
loaded, the first tab is rendered ok with the needed JS rendered into
the body of the tab. The popup works like a charm. Now, I press the 2nd
tab. The tab gets loaded via ajax including the t:popup component with
it's JS (script including "new" etc.). But now, this popup doesn't work!
I guess, this is because the changed DOM part won't be evaluated again
by the browser regarding JS. Could that be? IE and FF behave the same.
If I add something like onmouseover="alert('hi')" on the 2nd tab this
will be executed successfully. So I guess the problem is the <script> part.

So, has anyone an idea how to get it running?


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