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From Jeff Bischoff <>
Subject Re: Migration to 1.1.4 problem
Date Thu, 21 Dec 2006 16:43:42 GMT
Hmm what are you migrating "from", another JSF implementation or non-JSF 
framework? And are you interested in the Myfaces JSF implementation, the 
Tomahawk components library, or both?

I think it will be much simpler for you to take a look at the example 
applications. Sadly, they are not part of the current release (probably 
why you couldn't find them) but you can download them from the nightlies 
here [1]. Just get the tomahawk-examples-1.1.5-SNAPSHOT-bin. Hopefully 
the examples will make it back to the official releases.

Also, the new preferred way to start a myfaces project (with all the 
correct dependencies!) is to use the Maven Archetype from the wiki [2].



Jeff Bischoff
Kenneth L Kurz & Associates, Inc. wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> 	We are having difficulties migrating to 1.1.4 version of myFaces. We have gone
> through the web site and the wiki, to no avail. We are not sure which jars are important?
> We have found references to the following jars throughout:
> Sandbox.jar
> Tomahawk-1.1.5-SNAPSHOT.jar  (which I cant find anywhere)
> Tomahawk-sandbox-1.1.5-SNAPSHOT.jar (which I also cannot find anywhere)
> There seems to be a well-intended page for people like ourselves at:
> ...but it appears
> to be a few versions behind.
> My question is the following: Would it be possible to list all the
> jars required to make a simple Hello World with the latest version
> of MyFaces?  Also including both a valid web.xml and faces-config.xml?
> We are using Rational Application Developper 6.0.1, and WebSphere 5x.
> Furthermore, we have changed our classloading to "Application" and to
> the PARENT_LAST approach (as suggested on the wiki).
> For those of you who are running your code in RAD, this is the error
> code we get as the web app launches: SRVE0054E. The solution, according
> to IBM is to use fully packaged names when declaring exception types in
> our web.xml (which we do already, of course).
> Any help/suggestions/insights (even a good joke at this point) would be
> appreciated.
> Thanks

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