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From Simon Kitching <>
Subject Re: Managed-bean vs. Backing-beans
Date Sun, 17 Dec 2006 23:05:55 GMT
Hmm...actually, the spec *does* use the term "backing bean" - but only 
in 7 places throughout the whole document.

It looks to me like they use it in the sense of "an object that can be 
referenced from an EL expression" - which will usually be a "managed 
bean", though it could be any object that has somehow been placed into 
the request/session scope.

I guess they can't use the term "managed bean" in this case, because the 
referenced object doesn't *have* to be something created via a 
<managed-bean> tag, though it usually will be. I'm not sure the term 
"backing bean" is really appropriate though. Still, the meaning is 
pretty clear in context - though the original poster is right that it is 
a little bit slack for a spec to use terms that have not been defined.

[BTW, I really dislike top-posting; I'm only doing it here for consistency]



Simon Kitching wrote:
> Is the term "backing bean" actually used in the spec?
> Simon Lessard wrote:
>> Actually Core Java Server Faces uses backing bean when you use binding 
>> attribute on tags. The backing bean is then the bean holding the 
>> UIComponent reference.

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