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From "Aneesha Govil" <>
Subject Re: Slightly off-topic: Page in Firefox is messed in IE
Date Tue, 12 Dec 2006 05:36:56 GMT
On 12/11/06, Andrew Robinson <> wrote:
> Your best bet is to ask your questions against google for specific
> rendering issues. Do not look at the JSF code, but rather the generated
> HTML. IE has tons of bugs that Microsoft will never fix (especially on IE6).
> Also, IE 6 doesn't support most CSS2 attributes and IE7 still is far behind
> the standards. As a web developer, you simply have to learn how to get your
> CSS to work in both IE & W3C browsers. Often a trick is to put an underscore
> in front of styles for IE only:
> P {
> _width: this is IE specific;
> width: all browsers see this;
> }
> Yeah, I used something similar. It doesn't look perfect but seems usable
to me. Let's see what the reviewers think. ;)
Makes me wonder how 80% people on the web can use IE!


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