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From "Madhav Bhargava" <>
Subject RE: custom validator exception
Date Fri, 10 Nov 2006 14:56:21 GMT

Yes you are right.
The validator I am creating should work with any Calendar/Date component
- for instance Tomahawk inputDate/calendar, jenia popup calendar.

I was initially thinking of making a validator which will not be
enclosed in any EditableValueHolder component but will take as
attributes id's of two EditableValueHolder components hosting two
different dates. But then on reading the spec I realized that such a
provision is not there.

But I guess I will need to have an EditableValueHolder as a parent for a
validator to work.

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Jeff Bischoff []
> Sent: Friday, November 10, 2006 8:10 PM
> To: MyFaces Discussion
> Subject: Re: custom validator exception
> Madhav Bhargava wrote:
>   > Documented usage of this component:
> >
> > <h:inputText id="equal2"
> >                 value="#{validateForm.equal2}"
> >                 required="true">
> >     <t:validateEqual for="equal" />
> > </h:inputText>
> >
> > Why is the validator component enclosed in an inputText component?
> > Since this validator is not going to validate the parent component
> > anyways,
> It's not? Take another look. t:validateEqual is comparing two
> components to see if their values are equal, right? One of them is
> referenced by the "for" attribute. The other one is the parent UIInput
> component. In this case, component with id "equal" will be compared
> the inputText with id "equal2".
> Regards,
> Jeff Bischoff
> Kenneth L Kurz & Associates, Inc.

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