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From "Morten Mortensen" <>
Subject Myfaces and URLs with dynamic segments
Date Fri, 03 Nov 2006 23:10:34 GMT

Anyone capable of creating a MyFaces/JSF application "App.WAR" including
an intercepting filter parsing some of the URI like writing this in the
browser -


- where the filter recognizes "Prefix", which triggers parsing of
"Machine17" and "4713" (using these parsed values as dynamic parameters
for beans) and forwards the request to an actual ressource
"/Overview/index.html" within the WAR file.

I can make this work up to showing all components, but all links/actions
on the actual page generated and which are supposed to refer to the page
itself refer to http://localhost:8080/App/Overview/index.html and not
the wanted

Can anyone perform this stunt to its full extent?

Morten Sabroe Mortensen

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