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From support <>
Subject rendered question (form)
Date Wed, 29 Nov 2006 03:12:47 GMT
I have an xhtml page that has 3 modes:
    1.  Display a table from an Oracle DB
    2.  Edit a row in the table when a hyperlink is clicked
    3.  Add a row when the add button is clicked

For #2 (when edit button is clicked) the row is displayed in textInput 
areas and a "Save" button is provided.
For #3 (when the "Add" button is clicked), empty textInputs are 
displayed and the user can add a row to the table.

I have a commandLink set to a class.method in the backing bean.  I used 
a panelGrid section to display the edit area on #2 & #3.  the backing 
bean has booleans that are set to true or false if they should be 
displayed on the page.  When the user first visits the page the "Save" 
and "Add" buttons are set to false and the area is not rendered.

When I hit "Save" I expect the actionListener on the backing bean to be 
executed but it is not.  I tried ActionEvent and Action methods and 
neither one of them are being executed.  Any ideas?  If I set all the 
booleans (that indicate the panelGrid should be displayed) the methods 
are executed but I do not want these to be displayed.

How do I set them to false initially so these areas are not displayed on 
the page?  When the backing bean is instantiated on each call, how do I 
know if I am in mode 1, 2 or 3?



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