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From "Scott O'Bryan" <>
Subject Re: JSF seems to be messing up with my CSS positioning
Date Fri, 17 Nov 2006 15:59:26 GMT

The unfortunate answer to that is...  Possibly.  JSF tags (depending on 
the renderkit of course) will have multiple elements within the tags.  
Especially when using facelets, it is like 90% useless to use tags that 
simply replace existing HTML tags.  Therefore, the tags you are using 
will contain a series of other tags.  Now obviously when a developer 
writes these components, they try to "do the right thing" when creating 
the component and allow you to append styling.  Styling not only works 
different in all browsers, but the interactions of styles (ie one style 
inside of another) is also different from browser to browser.

I would suggest possibly posting some examples of how things are not 
laid out correctly and maybe someone can give you some ideas or, if the 
problem is one of coding, submit a patch to fix the issue.

I do feel your pain, but it is neigh impossible when making a component 
to account for all the style combinations which is why, in Trinidad, we 
have  skinning system which cuts down on these issues by allowing the 
app developer to "skin" the components at a much more granular level.  
Maybe something like this will find its way into other renderkits or JSF 
some day.


Stephen Osella wrote:
> I am getting wierd behavior from what I would expect my layout 
> positioning should be, and (as usual) it is different in both IE and 
> Firefox.  Does JSF put hidden elements that the browser messes up on?  
> Is there a preferred way to layout pages in JSF?  I have seen facelets 
> and layout tags.  Any recommendations?
> Thanks!

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