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From Mario Ivankovits <>
Subject Re: Problem with f:convertNumber
Date Tue, 14 Nov 2006 09:34:04 GMT
Hi Adrian!
> Hi all! I`m using myfaces 1.1.5 nightly build. I've created my own
> convertor for BigDecimal to show error message that is oriented to the
> big decimal object. I have form with input field that is binded to big
> decimal. Everything works fine. Now i want to put a convertor that
> will cut some fraction digits - <f:convertNumber maxFractionDigits="5"
> />. When the page is rendered everything is ok but when i submit the
> form i got the following as <h:message> for the input component:
> Exception setting property taxBase of base with class
> org.cts.web.bean.WareDTO, Bean: org.cts.web.bean.WareDTO, property:
> taxBase, newValue: 1,newValue class: java.lang.Long method parameter
> class: java.math.BigDecimal, argument type mismatch
> Or if i input decimal value - 1.5 i get ... newValue: 1.5,newValue
> class: java.lang.Double method parameter class: java.math.BigDecimal,
> argument type mismatch.
> Any suggestions?
Use the tomahawk sandbox (I think) converter s:convertNumber which will
automatically try to convert the input to the data type of your backing


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