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From Jorge Vásquez>
Subject problem with session beans and request beans inheritance...
Date Sun, 19 Nov 2006 21:54:19 GMT
Hi guys,

In my application I have an inheritance model with managed beans in which
the root bean of the hierarchy is the only one that is in session scope and
all the state is kept in it.  The other beans just implement behaviour
methods and are stateless.   

My base bean is called:  InformationElementRootHandler and I have one class
named NativeHandler which extends from it.  InformationElementRootHandler
has an open method which NativeHandler inherits so when this method is
executed on NativeHandler the one that is executed is the one provided by
InformationElementRootHandler (so far, this is plain old inheritance
theory).  The strange thing that happens is that the open method initializes
some instance members of InformationElementRootHandler but afterwards when
another method of this bean is invoked the surprise is that the instance
members that were previously initialized have all null values, no idea why?


I would appreciate any insights to this problem.

Thanks and regards,


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