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From "Aneesha Govil" <>
Subject Re: Custom date component attributes
Date Fri, 01 Dec 2006 06:44:17 GMT
On 12/1/06, Simon Kitching <> wrote:
> Aneesha Govil wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I am creating a date component with some additional attributes on top of
> > t:inputdate. Do I need to add only the new attributes to component tag
> > or do I also need to add the attributes already a part of parent
> > HtmlInputDate?
> You can subclass the original tag class, which means you do not then
> need to write java code to handle the original properties.
> However in the .tld file there is no way to say that a <tag> element
> extends another, so in the .tld file entry you do need to copy-and-paste
> all the attribute definitions from the parent tag. Ecch.
> Of course if you can use Facelets instead, all this is much nicer; no
> tag class or .tld file is required at all.
> Note also that it is possible to add new properties to a tag, and use
> them in a renderer without writing a new component class at all, as
> every component has an attributes map that can store data, effectively
> "tunnelling" properties from the tag to the renderer. Sometimes this is
> useful, and sometimes it is better to create a new component class.
> Regards,
> Simon

The custom component is working! :) At least onchange="submit()" is working.
Don't need the rest of the attributes :)

Thanks for your help!


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