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From Torsten Krah <>
Subject commandLink - action not invoked when actionListener is a child of it, which gets called - however the action is ignored
Date Sun, 12 Nov 2006 12:28:39 GMT
Using a commandLink with an action and an action listener does not
invoke the action, neither the page is redisplayed correct.

<h:commandLink action="#{}">
	<f:actionListener type="my.class">

My action listener is called and does its job.
But the action from the commandLink isn't - but it should, shouldn't it?

Anyway - the actionListener is for deleting a row in a table. When the
page redisplays ( if cases where i dont want to navigate away from the
action - when it would be called ) , the "deleted" row is still there -
but the backing bean is in correct state, the list with the item the
table should show does not have the deleted item anymore, how can i
force the view to be "refreshed".


Table displays a set of customers. A delete Link is there, an
actionListener is called which fetches the backingbean, from this
information the needed data is constructed to delete the customer in the
After deleting the table should be displayed without the last deleted

Any things i've missed, thought this should work.


ps: using myfaces 1.1.4

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