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From "Mark Babcock" <>
Subject javascript with panelTab
Date Mon, 09 Oct 2006 13:41:49 GMT
Has anyone had any success with getting the tabbed pane client side
scripts to work?


<f:subview id="panelTabbedPane1">

<t:panelTabbedPane selectedIndex="1" width="100%"




<t:panelTab id="portfolio" label="Portfolio" onclick="alert('hi');">


                 <h:outputText value="Portfolio" />


      <t:panelTab id="results" label="Results">

            <%@include file="/jsp/hitlist/hitListPage.jsp" %>





I can't seem to get the onclick to work with the panelTab.   Nothing
happens, no errors nothing. 

And when I view source from the compiled page the onclick alert('hi')
isn't even visible.   Does anyone have any experience with running the
panelTabbedPane in client side mode?



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