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From "Titi Wangsa" <>
Subject Remembering "first" attribute in t:dataTable
Date Sun, 08 Oct 2006 06:52:19 GMT
i have a session backed list
which gets displayed in a t:dataTable

which works great..

then i use the scroller to display a few items in each page

which works great

however each item in the table can be clicks to
display the details of the item.

on these details page, there is link which points back to the listing page

but once i get back to the listing page, the first page is displayed.
which is not so great.

I've located the problem in the t:dataTable's "first" attribute,
but setting that value to first="#{listStudentst.first}", where
listStudent is a session backed bean, and first is an Integer, results
in the value gets read with the table is rendered.
Which is half of what i need.

The other half is for the table's first attribute to be saved in the
session backed bean.
Which is what is troubling me..
any help?

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