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From Marcel Casado <>
Subject Problem with the extension filter and ajax requests handle by a phaselistener
Date Wed, 01 Nov 2006 02:44:45 GMT

I'm dealing with a JSF application that has Ajax implemented on its 
components using a PhaseListener  that gets back an xml response  to a 
javascript callback function that updates the DOM.  I'm trying to use 
MyFaces to use some of this components instead of RI but  with the 
addition of the Extensions filter the Ajax requests does not work anymore

Example of Ajax request :;jsessionid=0250FE29F23B2958B6C75272CAE6CB10?formId=mapForm&__ADFPostBack__=true&taskWinProp=win_mapToolsTask;top=90;left=5;width=240;height=52;collapsed=false;closed=false|win_addDomainsTask;top=0;left=0;width=250;height=167;collapsed=false;closed=true|&mapForm:windowProperties=ovWin;top=415;left=5;width=200;height=177;collapsed=false;closed=true|tocWin;top=150;left=5;width=200;height=257;collapsed=false;closed=true|resultsWindow;top=165;left=452;width=500;height=317;collapsed=false;closed=false|&mapForm=mapForm&mapForm:an=&mapForm:pa=&map1=map1&map1_mode=mapToolsTask_tool_identify&map1_minx=319&map1_miny=233&doPostBack=doPostBack

Does any one a solution to this problem ?



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