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From Simon Kitching <>
Subject Re: How to dynamically show different components for each row in a table
Date Tue, 31 Oct 2006 22:39:25 GMT
Hi Kevin,

kevin_zhai wrote:
> I have a  Table that has a column containing buttons for operations on each
> row. Each row may have different operations applicable to it, so the buttons
> for each row need to be determined dynamically based on the contents of row. 
> I have seen code to dynamically create buttons, but what I would like to
> know is how to do this on a per-row basis, so that row 1 would might have 1
> button, row 2 would have 3 buttons and so on. I would like to avoid the
> solution of creating all of the possible types of buttons and hiding the
> ones that do not apply to the current row.

It is not possible to change the set of components per-row. Instead, you 
*must* define all the possible types of components present in a row, 
then use the rendered attribute to show/hide them based on what you want 
to display on a specific row.

See the javadoc for the UIData component for details:



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