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From Jeff Bischoff <>
Subject Re: Time field in JSF - what and how to use?
Date Mon, 30 Oct 2006 19:21:23 GMT

There was a thread [1] similar to this a couple weeks ago. I don't know 
if it will help or not.



Jeff Bischoff
Kenneth L Kurz & Associates, Inc.

Damar Thapa wrote:
> Hi
> I am creating my first JSF application, using Myfaces1.1.4, tomahawk
> and facelets.  In the application, I have to have one date field and
> one time filed, and for both fields, I am using java.util.Date and
> tomahawk inputeDate  component to receive user input. No problem with
> date field, but I am having problem with Time field -- when I input
> time, the output comes as the GMT equivalent of input time.  If I
> input, for example, 11pm, the output (outputText) comes as 3pm (exact
> time difference of HKT (where Iam) and GMT!).
> Is this the righe behaviour of Date class? Can somebody on the list
> gives me some pointers on what and how to use for time field?
> Any pointers would be highly appreciated.
> with regards,
> Damar

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