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From Randahl Fink Isaksen <>
Subject Re: Why does MyFaces escape national characters?
Date Thu, 26 Oct 2006 17:43:49 GMT
Nope - I am outputting a div from my own custom component like this:

        writer.startElement("div", this);
        writer.writeAttribute("id", theId, null);

where the variable "theId" contains this string "Vandmaerke" in which 
'ae' is a single special Danish character.

Thus I can only suspect MyFaces to be responsible for the conversion. I 
am using MyFaces with facelets, but I presume the ResponseWriter is part 
of MyFaces and not Facelets and thus I posted the question here (correct 
me if I am wrong).


Jeff Bischoff wrote:
> Randahl,
> Are you using a t:div?
> Randahl Fink Isaksen wrote:
>> According to the JSF1.1 spec section 6.4 the ResponseWriter 
>> implementation should be "performing
>> appropriate character encoding and escaping", but I think MyFaces 
>> seems to have taken this a bit too far. Not only does it escape 
>> characters which has a special meaning in XML, like the < character, 
>> it also escapes national characters like the Danish 'ae' character 
>> which it transforms to its escape equivalent ("&#230;"). This seems 
>> to me to be completely unnecessary when outputting unicode formatted 
>> XML, since unicode supports 'ae' and since 'ae' does not have a 
>> special meaning in XML.
>> This turns out to be a problem in my application of MyFaces because I 
>> would like to output something like this:
>> <div id="Vandm&#230;rke">
>> where the "&#230;" should in fact have been the danish letter 'ae'.
>> Can anyone elaborate on why MyFaces would do this and/or if this 
>> behavior can be configured to work otherwise?
>> Thanks
>> Randahl

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