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From Bernd Winter <>
Subject Re: Tobago: BoxRenderer and "Don't know what to do!"s (newbie)
Date Mon, 16 Oct 2006 21:41:11 GMT
> There is no chance for the LayoutManager on the server to know into how
> many
> lines the browser will break a text. 

Ah, you're right. So obviously a gridLayout's absolute structural size
is always calculated completely on the server. Then this is clear of course.

I just supposed there would be some method to simulate a behaviour like
plain HTML: There can also be a client dependent number of text lines,
followed by a cheap table structure. And the table won't overlap all the
text except for line 1... Can't this simple case be realized somehow?

Does it work by leaving away the gridLayout? Is the reason that Tobago's
main concept (and JSF's in general?) is based on a clear and fixed
arrangement of container components which never know how MUCH they're

I fear, I still have an incorrect image of the whole process in mind...
Would it help for a beginner like me to first get more details about JSF
rendering (for which -hopefully- enough documentation is available)
before asking more stupid questions?

Again, thank you very much for your patience! It is really appreciated!


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