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From "Damar Thapa" <>
Subject General JSF question -- Class object!
Date Tue, 31 Oct 2006 12:32:40 GMT

I have following classes:

Class Course(
 	String title,
	String startDate.



Class Apply{

String studnetName;
Course firstChoice;

In the apply form (page), I havae a field to accept course title from
the applicant  ie <h:inputText id="firstChoice"
value="#{applicant.firstChoice.title}"/>. Since title is unique, I can
retrieve Course object for firstChoice properties later before saving
Apply object. But, I am getting ""firstChoice": Error during model
data update." error on "#{applicant.firstChoice.title} . Can somebody
on the list point me what am I missing?

Any pointers would be highly appreciated.



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