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From "Damar Thapa" <>
Subject Time field in JSF - what and how to use?
Date Sun, 29 Oct 2006 12:18:05 GMT

I am creating my first JSF application, using Myfaces1.1.4, tomahawk
and facelets.  In the application, I have to have one date field and
one time filed, and for both fields, I am using java.util.Date and
tomahawk inputeDate  component to receive user input. No problem with
date field, but I am having problem with Time field -- when I input
time, the output comes as the GMT equivalent of input time.  If I
input, for example, 11pm, the output (outputText) comes as 3pm (exact
time difference of HKT (where Iam) and GMT!).

Is this the righe behaviour of Date class? Can somebody on the list
gives me some pointers on what and how to use for time field?

Any pointers would be highly appreciated.

with regards,


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