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From "Simon Lessard" <>
Subject Re: problem with <tr:selectOrderShuttle>
Date Fri, 20 Oct 2006 12:57:06 GMT
Hello Scott,

1. You should try adf-user list instead of MyFaces one;
2. Don't mention that you're using ADF Faces, since it's a Trinidad list.
ADF Faces specific support can be found on OTN forums;
3. Since my parapsychic powers do not include long distance technopathy or
telepathy I cannot guess the code you're using;
4. I'll assume that you're using a returnActionListener to pass the value
back to the calling page? When do you get a 0 length array? In the calling
page or in the bean's method? Give us more details please, else it'll be
hard to provide a good answer.



On 10/20/06, Scott Wall <> wrote:
> I am trying to use a selectOrderShuttle component to allow users to select
> several elements from an array of <f:selectItems>. This is done in an ADF
> dialog framework separate dialog that I would then like to return a
> java.util.List of objects to the backing bean of the page that opens the
> dialog. However, the array that is returned has 0 elements. I have gone over
> and over this trying many different iterations, but I can never get this
> element to return a list/array of any length. What am I doing wrong?

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