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From Dave <>
Subject Re: MyFaces dialog framework
Date Wed, 18 Oct 2006 05:31:27 GMT
Is Shell working well with MyFaces?
  I looked at the its web pages, but I could not find Shell demo or examples.

Craig McClanahan <> wrote:

  On 10/17/06, Matthias Wessendorf <> wrote:  Like that ?

if so, go with Trinidad  
Or, if you want to look at an alternative that doesn't tie you to any specific component library,
take a look at the dialog manager support in Shale:

Note that there are a bunch of recent enhancements that have recently been imported into the
Shale mainline trunk, and it's not completely documented yet, but the use case you describe
was a primary feature to implement.  In particular, Shale allows you to associate a child
dialog with a parent dialog, so that you can easily do the required synchronization between
states of the child dialog (doing the searching to find the right data) and the parent dialog
(using the result of the search). 


  On 10/17/06, Dave <> wrote:
> Hello,
> Can anyone please recommend a dialog framework for MyFaces? In a JSF page,
> when a user click a button, open a dialog window to let user select a item 
> from a tree. After the user makes a choice, then the dialog window closes,
> and the main window shows the choice the user just selected.
> Thanks,
> Dave
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