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From (Gary VanMatre)
Subject Re: Corporate Open Source Strategy
Date Wed, 04 Oct 2006 19:39:28 GMT
>From: "Ryan Wynn" <> 
> Trying to get approval for a myfaces-shale stack in a corporate 
> environment and facing the question of what is the strategy for fixing 
> a production showstopper in the open source code. Anyone have any 
> recommendations on this topic? Or any links regarding the topic? 
> Filing through JIRA does not seem to be an answer for these 
> emergencies because there is really no guarantee there? Especially 
> for previous versions. 
> What is the protocol if say myfaces-1.1.1 src is modified? Is the 
> requirement the same that the fix needs to be looped back in? Or is 
> the policy different for older versions? 
> Thanks for the consideration. 

Hey Ryan, you might talk to OpenLogic.  They are making a business out of providing services
for open source.  They also offer packaging of open source products.  The packaging also makes
a point to define the open source license agreements.  I believe their packaging product also
allows you to create your own bundling.

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