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From Roger Keays <>
Subject Re: [OFFTOPIC] What I wish that JSF 2.0 would be like...
Date Wed, 27 Sep 2006 00:42:14 GMT

One more:

    * New listener for FacesServlet startup/shutdown. Some JSF 
extensions may need to do some initial configuration on startup and 
shutdown but these extensions can't add a ServletContextListener to 
web.xml. ATM you can get similar behaviour by using a PhaseListener and 
deregistering it after it is first run, but that is just a workaround 

Roger Keays wrote:
> Hi Martin,
> Here are a couple of ideas I've jotted down:
>   * Native support for conversation scope.
>   * Support for partial requests (i.e. AJAX). I imagine this would be 
> along the lines of standardising the request and response formats for 
> partial requests, and requiring a javascript implementation.
>   * Ability to invoke actions on first page request. When you're linked 
> from other sites, or from a mail client you can't really expect them to 
> send the whole state of the component tree, which would be needed to 
> invoke an action from that tree (although this does work). Instead, you 
> might be able to create a new action listener type which is invoked when 
> the tree it is attached to is created/rendered. Of course, it'd have to 
> fit into the lifecycle somehow. A simple use case for this would be a 
> "click here to vote for struts" link in an email which should invoke a 
> JSF Action{Listener}. Currently you'd probably do this with a 
> PhaseListener or ServletFilter.
>   * Ability to define converters for annotated classes (e.g. @Entity). 
> We can do <converter-for-class>, which also works for interfaces, but 
> there are cases where an annotation might indicate that a common 
> converter could be used. In the case of @Entity, you might be able to 
> use something like EntityManager.getId(entity).toString() to convert the 
> class (somebody add getId() to JPA 1.1 please!).
>   * Ability to use #{foo} as an lvalue. Maybe more specific to the EL 
> spec, but ATM only #{} can be used as an lvalue. Sometimes I just 
> want to keep a simple string in the session scope and do things like 
> <h:inputText value="#{foo}"/>, but instead I have to make a separate 
> bean just containing a String.
>   * Reinvestigate, as per Jabob's ideas, whether we /really/ need 
> component state-saving. I got pretty confused when I wrote a simple 
> regexp validator that kept forgetting what the regexp was. It was all 
> there in the .xhtml file! That was until I learnt about state-saving 
> (which was more than I really wanted to know).
>   * Dump JSP, and make facelets standard.
> Happy Oktoberfest!
> Roger
> Martin Marinschek wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> Ed Burns, Jesse Alexander and me will be heading a discussion on what
>> our users dreamed JSF 2.0 would be like - on friday, 2006/09/29, in
>> Munich, at the Oktoberfest.
>> So it's a good opportunity for both talking about JSF and drinking
>> beer - probably the best of the world. We'll meet up in:
>> at 18:00
>> and if you're interested in coming, reply to this mail and I'll
>> include you in the reservation.
>> regards,
>> Martin

Ninth Avenue Software
p: +61 7 3137 1351 (UTC +10)
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