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From Roger Keays <>
Subject Re: [OFFTOPIC] What I wish that JSF 2.0 would be like...
Date Wed, 27 Sep 2006 00:23:30 GMT

Hi Martin,

Here are a couple of ideas I've jotted down:

   * Native support for conversation scope.

   * Support for partial requests (i.e. AJAX). I imagine this would be 
along the lines of standardising the request and response formats for 
partial requests, and requiring a javascript implementation.

   * Ability to invoke actions on first page request. When you're linked 
from other sites, or from a mail client you can't really expect them to 
send the whole state of the component tree, which would be needed to 
invoke an action from that tree (although this does work). Instead, you 
might be able to create a new action listener type which is invoked when 
the tree it is attached to is created/rendered. Of course, it'd have to 
fit into the lifecycle somehow. A simple use case for this would be a 
"click here to vote for struts" link in an email which should invoke a 
JSF Action{Listener}. Currently you'd probably do this with a 
PhaseListener or ServletFilter.

   * Ability to define converters for annotated classes (e.g. @Entity). 
We can do <converter-for-class>, which also works for interfaces, but 
there are cases where an annotation might indicate that a common 
converter could be used. In the case of @Entity, you might be able to 
use something like EntityManager.getId(entity).toString() to convert the 
class (somebody add getId() to JPA 1.1 please!).

   * Ability to use #{foo} as an lvalue. Maybe more specific to the EL 
spec, but ATM only #{} can be used as an lvalue. Sometimes I just 
want to keep a simple string in the session scope and do things like 
<h:inputText value="#{foo}"/>, but instead I have to make a separate 
bean just containing a String.

   * Reinvestigate, as per Jabob's ideas, whether we /really/ need 
component state-saving. I got pretty confused when I wrote a simple 
regexp validator that kept forgetting what the regexp was. It was all 
there in the .xhtml file! That was until I learnt about state-saving 
(which was more than I really wanted to know).

   * Dump JSP, and make facelets standard.

Happy Oktoberfest!


Martin Marinschek wrote:
> Hi there,
> Ed Burns, Jesse Alexander and me will be heading a discussion on what
> our users dreamed JSF 2.0 would be like - on friday, 2006/09/29, in
> Munich, at the Oktoberfest.
> So it's a good opportunity for both talking about JSF and drinking
> beer - probably the best of the world. We'll meet up in:
> at 18:00
> and if you're interested in coming, reply to this mail and I'll
> include you in the reservation.
> regards,
> Martin

Ninth Avenue Software
p: +61 7 3137 1351 (UTC +10)
f: +61 7 3102 9141

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