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From Döring Markus <>
Subject Setting propertys of managed beans in jsf
Date Thu, 21 Sep 2006 13:44:30 GMT
I want to set a property of a managed bean out of a JSP Page.
What I've done so far is the following:

<jsp:useBean scope="request" class="DataControler" id="dataControler">
		<jsp:setProperty name="dataControler" property="dataName" value="User" />
		<jsp:setProperty name="dataControler" property="editable" value="true" />
		<jsp:setProperty name="dataControler" property="removeable" value="true" />

This works fine in the RenderResponse phase (6). When an action occurs, the view is restored
and in the ApplyRequestValues phase (2) the jsp-setProperties are not executed.

How can I manage to set an beanProperty with an JSF Tag, or who can I force JSF to execute
the jsp-setProperty in other phases than the RenderResponse?

Thanks for any help

Markus Döring

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