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From Rolf Mertig <>
Subject Re: Horizontal Panel Navigation - panelNavigation2
Date Wed, 13 Sep 2006 15:36:23 GMT

janw wrote:
> Hello,
> I too don't get the navigationMenu to work.
> @Rolf: The horizontal navigation works for you? Which myfaces version?
> ...

Yes, it works for me. I use some newer build from
but I do not  think that it matters much.

There are two issues here, I think:
1.:  I changed the original posting such that it works (with the default
basic.css from the tomahawk simple examples): menu.jsp 

2.:  However, the real issue is that the included HMenuIEHover.js java
script  (look at the HTML source to see:
        <script type="text/javascript"    
      is limited in that sense, that HMenuIEHover.js (fixing IE issues ...)
has a hard-wired reference to "hNav_outer" in it:
          ...          navDivRoot = document.getElementById("myhNav_outer");
      So this makes it somewhat harder to come up with your own CSS file ...
      Since I could not understand or make use of the description at ,
      and since there seem to be issues with ExtensionsFilter anyway (see
comments of Michael Lipp,  )
     it seems much simpler to just add the javascript file in the head
section, e.g., 
        <script type="text/javascript" src="javascript/myMenuIEHover.js">
   or,   for educational purposes, put everything (JavaScript + stylesheet)
into the JSP file, like
       in this simple horizontal menu example which I put together (spending
way too much time):

Rolf Mertig
GluonVision GmbH, Berlin, Germany

P.s.: I do like MyFaces, but I find it really hard to learn and to use in
slightly nontrivial project ...
        If I find time I'll summarize my findings with simple reproducible
examples on the Wiki.
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