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From "Morten Mortensen" <>
Subject SV: Hierarchial Column Labels
Date Wed, 27 Sep 2006 20:51:08 GMT

I can do it - with <t:columns> and one additional row of headers with
colspan>1 for each header-field. It was not easy, it took some time -
and it looks good.

You know - if you are willing to pay, then someone might ask you "how
much" :-)

Visual example in the form of a PNG-bitmap is attached.


It would be really, really nice to have this "hierarcical header"
functionality build into MyFaces/JSF or at least a custom
HTML-extended-table-renderer. A renderer capable of parsing a
column-header tree-structure with the leaves first corresponding to the
lower-most header-row and then going up to the tree-root joining both
headers into super-headers coreesponding to parent-nodes and with
"colspan>1" and even "rowspan>1" if levels are missing... You get the
idea. This is of course possible.

Morten Sabroe Mortensen

-----Oprindelig meddelelse-----
Fra: Marco_Coder [] 
Sendt: 27. september 2006 19:50
Emne: Hierarchial Column Labels

|            Hier1             |            Hier2            |          
Hier3          |
|   Label1   |    Label2   |   Label3   |   Label4   |   Label5  |
|   100       |     -1        |  Blue       | Strings    |   $100    |

%90   |

I can create a dataTable with the last 2 rows, but not sure how to
one with the first row as well, so that a label may cover 2 columns such
the Hier1 label.

Any help would be great! P.S. I'm willing to pay for an answer!


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