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From Arvid Hülsebus <>
Subject Re: [Tobago-myFaces] - Using Internet Explorer is a complete nightmare
Date Thu, 28 Sep 2006 20:14:53 GMT
Hello John,

do you get JavaScript errors inside the Tobago demo, too? I started IE 
with ntsd and navigated to

If I type a character inside the first input field and wait for 
completion I get the described unknown exceptions but no JavaScript 
error. Do you get JavaScript errors while the completion is done?

BTW, it doesn't seem to be a generic IE/Ajax problem. I don't get the 
exceptions on


John wrote:
> We couldn't get our JSF/myFaces/Tobago to switch tabs or buttons to 
> work for the longest time within Internet Explorer. Everything worked 
> fine in Firefox.
> We fixed the problem by eliminating the JavaScript we had included to 
> 1) handle IE's inability to support PNG graphics (& replaced them with 
> JPGs), 2) removed the JavaScript for our client side pop-up calendar 
> control.(replacing it with Tobago's tx: calendar), 3) disabled AJAX. 
> So now no additional JavaScript exists within our application and it 
> works on IE. 
> Well sort of.....
> Now the application flashes like crazy within IE - because no AJAX....
> If I turn on Ajax, as soon as I switch tabs, I get a JavaScript error 
> (of course it's an unusable error "error at line 1277 character 6".... 
> and stops working until I reload the entire screen.
> If I turn on IE debugging and launch IE with our application at the 
> command prompt using the debugger:  ntsd -g iexplore.exe 
> http://localhost:9090
> As soon as I switch tabs for the first time, I receive three identical 
> lines on the command prompt saying: "Unknown exception - code e0000001 
> (first chance)
> Arghhhhhhh,...... I've been battling this daily for 2 months..... and 
> our customers are getting ugly...
> Help!
> John

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