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From Ingo Düppe <>
Subject Re: managed-beans, spring references, and serializable
Date Mon, 25 Sep 2006 21:09:00 GMT
Craig McClanahan schrieb:
> On 9/25/06, *Craig McClanahan* < 
> <>> wrote:
>         What do you thing about this?
>     I would tend to maintain the temporary state information in a
>     separate model bean of some sort, explicitly designed to be
>     Serializable, so that there would not be anything special about
>     migrating from one server instance to another.
> One further comment here ... this kind of state is really part of the 
> view, not the model.  Therefore, you should design it with that in mind.
> An example of a general purpose approach to this is the Dialog feature 
> of Shale (, or the corresponding facilities 
> in Spring WebFlow, where the temporary state information is maintained 
> for you, through the lifetime of a particular dialog with the user, 
> and then thrown away for you when the dialog is completed.  In 
> essence, this behaves like a scope that is "longer than a request, but 
> shorter than a session."
Well I guess you are totally right. I have to rethink my design and 
maybe I should take a deep look at shale. What is your opinion, is shale 
production ready, cause I'm in a really tight time schedule. Does the 
Dialog feature safe the state over several request, for instance for a 
registration process that exists of several pages(views). Is it similar 
to the conversation scope of jboss seam?

One more question.
My project is mainly based on Spring 1.2.7, Facelets 1.1.11, 
AcegiSecurity 1.0 and of cause Myfaces 1.1.4 and Tomahawk. My main 
problem was to integrate AcegiSecurity Filter with Facelets due to the 
lack of servlet forwards (like jsps) the security filters didn't get 
informed if a new view is rendered. So I had to write my own 
PhaseListener to explicit redirect each request if the viewId changed 
during the lifecycle. Which also solved the browser page address issue.

My question now is, are there any experience to integrate these 
frameworks with shale?


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