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From Ingo Düppe <>
Subject Re: managed-beans, spring references, and serializable
Date Mon, 25 Sep 2006 19:47:37 GMT
Craig McClanahan schrieb:
> Shale supports a similar pattern if your session-scoped beans extend 
> AbstractSessionBean.  The passivate() method will be called when the 
> bean is about to be swapped out (perhaps to be transferred to another 
> server) so you can release references to resources that cannot be 
> serialized.  Later, the activate() method is called once the bean is 
> re-created.  This is where you would go look up the appropriate Spring 
> beans again, and recreate them.
Well thanks for the hint, I will take a look how shale is solving this.
> JSF does implement the Hollywood Principle ("don't call us, we'll call 
> you"), but it does so only once :-).
Yes your are damn right, and this hearts all the time :-( Hopefully in 
Spring 2.0 the scoped beans will solve this issue  (as far I understood it).


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