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From Thorbjørn Ravn Andersen <>
Subject Re: Problems with <h:selectOneRadio> and <f:selectItem>
Date Mon, 25 Sep 2006 11:30:48 GMT
Mike Kienenberger skrev  den 18-09-2006 01:52:
> Hey Greg,
> I finished doing this in my application a couple of weeks ago.
> I used t:selectOneRadio and t:radio.   I had to extend t:radio to
> allow it to take an onclick attribute.   I was going to hold off until
> the 1.1.4 Tomahawk branch before committing my changes, but perhaps
> I'll try committing them to trunk tomorrow.
I have run into the same issue, so I would appreciate this.  
Unfortunately I am very close to a deadline and therefore reluctant to 
bring in a cvs snapshot, so if there is another way which is supported 
by myfaces 1.1.4 plus tomahawk 1.1.3 I would *love* to hear about it :)


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