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From Gert Vanthienen <>
Subject Re: either/or required validation of list of items
Date Wed, 20 Sep 2006 13:44:45 GMT

One solution might be to create a custom validator for this.  You might 
want to take a look at 
org.apache.myfaces.custom.equalvalidator.EqualValidator for an example 
on how to access another component than the one you defined the 
validator for.

Hope this helps,

Gert Vanthienen

Martin Denham wrote:
> Has anybody done "either this or that required" validation of a list 
> of items.
> Here is what I mean - either phone or email are required for each person
> <c:forEach items="#{people}" var="person">
>   <af:inputText value="#{}" required="ifPhoneNotEntered"/>
>   <af:inputText value="#{}" required="ifEmailNotEntered"/>
> </c:forEach>
> I thought about iterating over the list of people in the Invoke
> application phase, but then it would be tricky to attach an error
> message to the appropriate person row.
> Thanks
> Martin

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